Purchase a Permanent License

In order to keep using the software past the free 30-day trial period, you need to purchase a permanent license.

Depending on how you use W2, two levels of licensing are available:


All features of the Trial version, except for Unicode fonts.

You do not have pay every month! This is an indefinite license, including any updates for added features or bug fixes as they become available.




All features of the Professional license (above) but limited to a multiple of 1000 files.

Can be upgraded at any time by 1000-file increments or to the Professional level (see below).

No time limit on the validity of this license. Take as long as you need to record your files.

1000 files)

(Per add'l 1000-file segment)

1000 files) 
(Each add'l 1000-file segment)


All features of the Professional license (above) plus Unicode fonts.




You can upgrade from Pay-Per-Click to Professional for $220 (regardless of the number of 1000-file segments purchased). 

See here for volume discounts.

Please contact us at support@word2wav.com to upgrade.

Note that this fee is valid for one PC. Just contact us to get a new Registration Code free of charge if you need to move the application to another PC or have to reformat your hard drive.

Any questions, email us at support@word2wav.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!