What Current Users Say...

 I just finished my session [under VMware] and it went fabulously well.
Jeff Essex, Audiosyncrasy • Albany, California

I've been doing another project in W2 today and as usual it's saving me loads of time and hassle.
Colin Day • Bromsgrove, UK

I bought Word2Wav on the recommendation of a friend and it has saved me literally DAYS in production time. AWESOME program!
Todd Ellis • Carterville, Illinois 

The program is really amazing.
José René Durán • Bogota, Colombia 

Where has Word2Wav been all my life? Amazing program!
Mary McKitrick • Northampton, Massachusetts

Just recorded 381 files - using four scripts - and everything worked great.
You've got a great program here and it's made my life a whole lot easier for these kinds of projects.

Tim McLaughlin • Denver, Colorado

Word2WAV is a must have program for all e-learning voice-over projects.
The service and tech support you have given me since the beginning is beyond anything I have experienced with any software company before

Alain Cadieux • Repentigny, Canada

I recently had a 6,000 word e-Learning project that had to be turned around in a very short amount of time. The Word2WAV program really saved my hide in meeting my deadline. This is a foolproof program that is sheer genius.
Cira Larkin • Orlando, Florida

I'm liking Word2WAV a lot for eLearning scripts. Just finished one yesterday and saved a bunch of time in editing and naming files.
Connie Terwilliger • San Diego, California

This program is AWESOME! I never would have believed software could do all of this. I do many thousands of prompts every year, and Word2WAV is going to save me hundreds of hours of work.
Karen Saltus • Bisbee, Arizona

This is quite possibly the most useful program created specificaly for voiceover talent that I've ever seen!
Julie Williams • West Coast, US

Word2WAV has drastically reduced our audio costs when producing eLearning material.

Arnaud Dasprez, Hexagroup • Houston, Texas  

Thank YOU for the program.. It's great!
Melissa Exelberth • Nutley, New Jersey

The work flow is far better than anything that I've ever seen without an engineer, producer, director, and assistant involved.
Steve Hammill • Eureka, Montana http://www.voiceoveruniverse.com/profile/steve98

Oh my! I've added a new software that has already made some of my work efforts so much more productive, and it's absolutely amazing, it's called Word2WAV... Bobbin Beam • Escondido, California

See complete review,
Bobbin's Blog1 April 2010

Personally, it was a real blast to see suggestions that you make as a user, actually appear in a product!
See complete review, A Frog in My Throat, 7 February 2009
Liz de Nesnera • Pompton Lakes, New Jersey